Where is my scalpel?

You’re the new intern at the hospital, so it’s your job to do... well, everything! Help a cast of unique characters find their missing possessions, from lost fancy dress to misplaced medical supplies. If you’re bored, this is the treatment you need.


Insane frantic bomb-blasting arcade action awaits you in Bombergeddon! With 80 levels spread across 4 unique game worlds. Premium users get an unlimited number of regular bombs and additional bomb packs after completing each game world! Light the fuse and get ready for some explosive Bomberman-style arcade action!

Birds On A Wire

You'll have a chirping good time helping the birds escape the witch's spell in this Zuma style game. Over 50 engaging levels, a multitude of bonuses to help your scores soar and 5 distinct game modes, Birds On A Wire is going cheep on Google Play

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Dragon & Dracula

Uncover the secrets of your forefathers as the last of the dragons in this epic fairytale adventure. See your dragon grow and learn new skills, customise its look, unlock mini-games and uncover the ancient tablets that will help you defeat Dracula.

The Tiny Bang Story

Welcome to Tiny Planet, a gorgeous steampunk inspired world devastated by a recent asteroid strike. Your mission is to help the inhabitants to restore this beautiful idyll to its former glory by hunting hidden objects and solving puzzles.

Romance of Rome

Travel to every corner of the ancient city of Rome, collect hidden objects, earn money, unlock trophies and complete quests to earn the admiration of Roman citizens. Uncover secrets to win the heart of the Emperor’s daughter in Romance Of Rome!

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