Where is my scalpel?

You’re the new intern at the hospital, so it’s your job to do... well, everything! Help a cast of unique characters find their missing possessions, from lost fancy dress to misplaced medical supplies. If you’re bored, this is the treatment you need.

Treasures of the Deep

Arabella Steem’s inventor father has gone missing. Travel the world’s 80 levels and hunt down his device’s missing crystals in this wonderful and relaxing match-3 puzzle masterpiece.

Race Illegal

Finally the true street racing experience has arrived with 20 tracks to race, 9 cars to choose from and a whole host of customisations there’s plenty here for the petrol-head to tinker with. Have you got what it takes to Race Illegal?

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Your lady-love is surrounded by monsters galore and you’re her only hope. Mixing puzzles and fantasy combat, in DiabloGeek you have to kill every last monster to get to your beloved – or die trying. With 20 levels and moody 2D graphics, fans of action-RPGs will feel right at home in DiabloGeek.

Jail Run

You’re an adventurer trapped in a remote dungeon. Break out, grab the treasure, and run! But watch out for the bombs and traps!
Mixing adventure, action and puzzles in over 60 levels, you’ll never want to escape from Jail Run.

Ant Raid

With the original game averaging a 90% review score on Metacritic, there simply isn’t a better arcade-strategy game on mobile than Ant Raid! Take control of your ant hordes, defend your nest and defeat everything Mother Nature can throw at you!

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